Reviews of the Book

Incredibly honest and powerful...unexpectedly funny, will make readers laugh as well as cry...


Amelia Gentleman, The Guardian

Incredibly moving and startlingly open and honest.

John Bingham, Daily Telegraph.

Jane Raca has written a very important book...everyone should read this book.

Rosa Monckton MBE, Founder of Team Domenica charity. Former President of KIDS charity.

 Excellent ... written clearly and effectively and should help those of us who care passionately

about children with autism to put across the very real problems they face in getting the support and education that is their right. 

 Jane Asher, President National Autistic Society.

Standing up for James is essential reading for all professionals who look after babies who need specialist care and those who are involved in their ongoing care. The book is written honestly...highlighting the humanity in us all.

Dr Jane Hawdon, responsible officer, consultant neonatologist, Royal Free Hospital London NHS Hospital Trust.

The Council does not have the resources to fulfil all of its statutory obligations and so may avoid identifying a need which it cannot meet...

In Standing up for James, Jane Raca is raising issues of public policy and what sort of society we are becoming. These are questions that we cannot adequately answer, or are avoiding; in that sense she is standing up for all of us.

Honorary Alderman Len Clark, former Birmingham City councillor and chair of the Council’s  inquiry into protecting children and improving children’s social care, 2009.

This book is full of rich insight. It takes the reader on a journey with mother, son and family: each signpost on that journey is recalled with eloquence and objective passion. There is no end to what a mother will do to get the best for her child, and this book is an unequivocal testimony to that truth. It will enrich the lives of all who read it - parent or professional.


Professor Barry Carpenter, CBE, OBE. Professor of mental health in education, Oxford Brookes University.

This book is one of those books where once you start reading

you have to keep going until the end...

if I could have put my arms around the book and hugged it I would have.

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The book is eloquent and understated in charting the roller coaster of life with a severely disabled child.


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This is quite simply a brilliant book. A story told with feeling as well as facts and I would recommend it to all parents, healthcare professionals and those who work with children.


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